Beer Snob Gifts: What to Get For the Aspiring Beer Sommelier in Your Life - Hops & Barley Co.
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Beer Snob Gifts: What to Get For the Aspiring Beer Sommelier in Your Life

Beer Snob Gifts: What to Get For the Aspiring Beer Sommelier in Your Life

Beer Snob Gifts: What to Get For the Aspiring Beer Sommelier in Your Life


Are you or someone you know always trying to find the best beer in town? Or will only drink IPAs or Imperial Stouts? Or even traveled all the way to Belgium to experience the most perfect brew there is? I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you or your loved one is a Beer Snob. What is a beer snob? A beer snob is one that is passionate about craft beer. More than a beer lover, we strive to drink anything but a micro. Our favorite brew is craft.


And what is the one thing better than being a Beer Snob? Telling the world about it of course!

Celebrate your beer fandom by showing your love of all things craft beer for you or for the beer snob in your life. All designs are designed uniquely in-house and then printed locally. We strive to provide the best materials, so you can keep trendy and cool all year long.

Here are some perfect ways that you can show off your passion!

For Her:

  1. Beer Snob Women’s Cropped Hoodie Sweatshirt


This raw-edged cropped hoodie is the perfect gift for any lady lover of beer.

This beer snob item is available in military green, dark heather grey, and black — because every girl needs a cute hoodie.

  1. Beer Snob Tank Top

For those hot summer months, show off your muscles and your love of beer with this Beer Snob Tank Top.

Available in black, marble white, and mauve — we have all of the colors to match your summer glow.


For Him:

  1. Beer Snob T-Shirt

Nothing says Beer Snob like, well, a Beer Snob T-Shirt!

Get your dad the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day by acknowledging the Beer Snob that he truly is.

This tee is available in black, ash, and antique denim and would make the perfect gift for any beer lover.

  1. Beer Snob Pullover Hoodie


If the T-Shirt isn’t enough for you Beer Snob, make it a double and throw in this long sleeve Beer Snob pullover hoodie.

This unisex hoodie is remarkably soft with a loose fit that is versatile and lends itself to daily wear.

This piece is available in military green and navy.

For All:

  1. Craft Beer Beer Snob Snapback Hats

Finally, for Beer Snobs all around, let the world know about your passion in over ten different color schemes (and counting!) with your new Beer Snob Snapback Hat. These hats make the perfect final touch for any of your Beer Snob attire or otherwise. Become the Beer Snob that you have always wanted to be or help someone in your life reach their true potential. Visit Hops & Barley Co. to check out more styles and looks and get your beer on!


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